Thursday, August 22, 2013

Where Can I Get Devrom (internal deodorant)?

Where is Devrom sold?  Many places, but the least expensive is directly from Parthenon.
Devrom® can be requested at your local pharmacy.  You will likely have to ask your pharmacist for it because it is not a well known medicine despite it being on the market for over 50 years.  Devrom® is available as a chewable tablet or capsule (for preference). 

If you prefer not to buy from a pharmacy, you can purchase directly from the Parthenon Company by going online or calling toll free 1-800-453-8898.  They have a Devrom website as well as their other website that carries a variety of ostomy supplies.  They will ship worldwide and take most major credit cards.  Some bariatric physicians even sell Devrom from their clinics where you might also get bariatric vitamins.

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