Monday, August 12, 2013

Ostomy Accessories To Complement Devrom Flatulence Deodorant

When we thought every ostomy accessory was invented we get surprised about every three years and there was no lack of surprise in 2012 (and earlier).  Great products usually come from the people who need it most and in this case that would be ostomates.  Things that stand out for us include the Coloplast Brava Elastic Barrier Strips as well as Safe 'n Simple Skin Barrier Arcs!  These two products have created all kinds of options for people struggling to adhere their appliance to skin as well as to protect their skin!  In addition, there is also the Colo-Majic Liners which are not new, but have a devoted following.  Essentially it is a flushable liner that inserts inside the ostomy pouch thus extending the life of the bag and making disposal easy, clean/mess free!  Also, we really like Coloplast's Brava skin protective wipes/spray and adhesive remover wipes/spray.  They are silicone based which people seem to really like making adhesive great and removing tacky barriers a snap!  Note that we do love many more products and will highlight them either here or on the Parthenon Blog!  Finally, we must remember our widely popular product Devrom (internal deodorant) used all over from Canada to the United KingdomDevrom is an OTC (non-Rx) medicine that allows the user to effectively deodorize smelly gas and stool! Easy and simple and definitely useful for people with an ileostomy and colostomy!
Devrom deodorant
Devrom Deodorant - A Great Ostomy Accessory

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