Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Satisfied User of Devrom® (internal deodorant)

My farts don't stink. Really.

I have Death Gas. I don't know why. I eat well, exercise, take probiotics, and drink plenty of water. I've been to GI doctors and nutritionists. I've tried an elimination diet to find food triggers. Everything about my digestion is great except for the smells it makes.

Writing this review is embarrassing, but not half as embarrassing as passing gas that smells so bad people ask me if I'm all right. I started taking two of these every morning, and the smell was immediately gone. Nothing. I don't know why more people don't take this; I want to give it out like breath mints. I can think of all kinds of situations where this would help people:

- Getting married tomorrow? Devrom.
- Road Trip? Devrom.
- Third Date? Devrom.
- RVing? Devrom.
- Job Interview? Devrom.

Somebody give them some marketing- this should be sold in grocery stores.

*An online review posted online 7/18/2011.
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