Thursday, March 9, 2017

Devrom Flatulence Remedies

Flatulence Remedies

Some of the known flatulence remedies consist of charcoal tablets, peppermint tea, and lactase supplements. Most people pass gas several times a day, but a person may need flatulence remedies to get rid of excessive or painful gas.

One of the flatulence remedies is activated charcoal. When a person chews charcoal tablets before and after consuming a meal, the charcoal possibly will help to captivate excess gas. These tablets are normally available at most drugstores, as well as a health food store. They are available over the counter and commonly are considered safe. An individual who takes medication, though, might want to ask his doctor whether activated charcoal is nontoxic for him to use, as it may absorb some of the nutrients/vitamins and medication he is taking along with gas. The function of activated charcoal is how it can filter and purify so well, with its sponge-like structure.

Peppermint tea is also among known flatulence remedies. The peppermint oil established in peppermint tea contains an ingredient called menthol. This substance may help to cool digestive muscle spasms and reduce gas. An individual may also get relief by chewing on peppermint. Drinking peppermint tea or eating peppermint after meals is considered a natural flatulence remedy.

In some cases, a person may change his diet to prevent flatulence rather than using flatulence remedies after the fact. Changing your diet can be an easy flatulence remedy. You can avoid specific foods to reduce flatulence and your need for flatulence remedies. Try eating several small meals instead of three large ones a day.

So, how do you choose the best flatulence remedy? The best flatulence remedies will be determined by the cause of your flatulence. The flatulence remedy that works best for you will be one that deodorizes, reduces, or eliminates your gas. 

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