Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Farting and Air Travel Don't Mix Well

Farting on an airplane is not courteous to your fellow passengers, especially if the odor is extra horrendous.  Passing gas though is something that we all do and therefore is unavoidable even while traveling by air.  What can be done if you think you will be hit with a serious bout of intestinal gas for your next trip?  Well there are a few obvious actions such as don't eat foods that will promote flatulence and also don't go to the all you can eat Mexican buffet before leaving for the airport.  If you are on a plane and have smelly gas, you can take a non-prescription medicine called Devrom to deodorize flatulence.  It's quick, easy and inexpensive.  It even has a money back guarantee!  
Too bad this patron mentioned in the recent Reddit news on air travel and stinky gas didn't know about Devrom! Check out the note on the napkin.  Funny yet it sounds like this person could have hijacked the plane with his/her stinkiness! 
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The note, which has since gone viral, reads that the flatulent passenger 'should definitely see a doctor'
Scribbled note to flight attendant pleading for help!

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