Friday, March 1, 2013

Flatulence Odor Poses Potential Hurdle For Airplane Passengers

A recent literature review conducted by Danish and British researchers discuss the problem many face when traveling by air.  That is whether to hold back from releasing intestinal gas or not.  There can be bloating and distension causing discomfort and any pressure changes may be amplified while on an airplane.  In addition to finding that people release gas ten times per day on average, the researchers concluded that it is better to pass gas while on a flight instead of holding back.  They refer to the pilots directly in saying that holding back might hurt their ability to control the plane and distract fellow flight crew members.  
Our opinion of this is that it is fine to pass gas on a plane and anywhere else just be considerate of others around you =)  There are no worries of odor as long as you are using Devrom (internal deodorant).  The flatulence odor will be neutralized and you can have the freedom to be yourself!  Devrom is available as a chewable tablet and capsule.  It is available without a prescription and FDA approved.  Try it today!  We have a 100% money back guarantee so you have no risk!  Say NO to smelly airplane flatulence!
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